Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gotta Brag on the Hubby

My husband is pretty much the hardest worker I know.  Since we have been married (4 years today!!), my eyes and heart have been opened to see just how generous he is with his time and talent.  I am simply amazed that he keeps giving.  He keeps learning.  He keeps loving.
He always encourages.  Always laughs.  And could knock the musical socks off of anyone I know in real life (and most people in celebrity radio land too!!)
He is a daddy to one, a husband to me, and a friend to all.  I could not feel more beautiful than when I am standing next to him (partly because he tells me about 400 times a day how dang hot he thinks I am). I probably will embarrass the tar out of him by writing this blog about him, but I think husbands deserve our praise.  So often in this society (and especially all over TV) we see men portrayed as the stupid, lazy spouse and parent.  They are shown as the men who complain about their wives and treat lust as if it's no big deal.  I am proud to say that my husband is not one of those men.  He's a fighter and he loves Jesus with his whole being.  He works incredibly hard to maintain his integrity and these days, that's rare.
So to my adoring husband:  Thanks for the craziest, most wonderful 4 years of marriage--happy anniversary.  Loves!   (oh and thanks for being pretty dang hot yourself)


  1. I just saw your blog :) Way cute. I am so bad with updating our family one :( Hope all is well. Congrats on the anniversary. Our 6 years is in June :)

  2. Happy Anniversary. I have it and your b-day in my calendar so I don't forget about some of the most awesomely rad people in our lives. Glad you are married. Making out is so much better without the guilt. Great blog, I agree with everything especially the Eric is hot part.

  3. First of all, congrats you two! I couldn't agree with you more sis. Our men do deserve to be praise, even if it embarresses them! It makes me happy when I see two people so in love and "hot" for eachother! :) I know that Eric is the man the Lord put on this earth for you and I think it is amazing you guys found eachother, what a blessing! BTW-You both are beautiful people inside and out!





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